Data Entry Services

Data entry in India is a fast growing industry. Jeeva Technologies can cater to all your data entry requirements and provide you with fast, accurate and efficient data entry. By outsourcing data entry to Outsource, you can get access to organized information and also save on valuable time and money. Data entry in India can assure you of error-free data. Start leveraging the data entry India advantage that Outsource offers.

Outsourcing data entry services could be among the safest and the most cost-effective move that your business can invest in. Data entry was one of the first things to be outsourced since a time when outsourcing wasn't such an abused word, and it has now grown to be one of the largest outsourced services.

Many companies and individuals around the world saw this opportunity and started providing offshore data entry services. Given the number of choices today, choosing the right outsourcing partner for your business can get very confusing.

Why outsource data entry:

  • Save on hiring & training time and costs
  • Save on time & effort
  • Save on administrative costs

Top 5 benefits of data entry outsourcing

It is a well know fact that cutting costs is one the prime reasons to outsource. However there are other benefits that outsourcing provides which may be bigger than just cost reduction. Here are the top 5:

To focus on strategic needs: Outsourcing lets you move the focus away from less important activities to strategic tasks such as growing your business and improving customer relationships

Gain a competitive advantage: By working with a company with specialized skills and expertise in specific areas, it gives you the competitive advantage of moving quicker through the market and acquiring a bigger customer base

Availability of resources: Outsourcing gives you access to resources – people and systems, that wouldn't be so easily available in a local market

Manage processes that are difficult to control: In many cases where it has become difficult and expensive to control certain processes and functions, outsourcing helps take control and frees you of managing them

Lower operational costs: The cost of running and managing a particular task or tasks come down drastically in an outsourcing arrangement owing to factors such as resources, labor, infrastructure etc that your outsourcing partner brings in.

Data entry is the transcription of data from one form into another. Most modern businesses require some type of data entry, from financial figures to email addresses to article and speech transcription. Most types of data entry require the use of a computer and fairly simple software programs. Certification and other programs can provide you with the skills needed to start a career in data entry; however, patience, drive and focus are personality qualities that will determine your success in the profession. Find out how to learn data entry.