Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

JEEVA TECHNOLOGIES, a global leader in business process management and technology services, is recognized as a “Leader” in the Global Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) outsourcing services; applications services, consulting, and support that help clients achieve those objectives. Our strategy is to deliver high-value solutions through our talented workforce to help clients innovate, manage information and risk, and become more agile so they can better serve their customers and citizens.

The report cites the company’s ability to provide end-to-end solutions for clients as a key strength. The company has been recognized as delivering value beyond cost by developing innovative, industry-specific platform technologies for some of its marquee clients, Jeeva Technologies was also chosen because of the investments made in future capabilities and the incorporation of customer feedback.

The report lauds the company’s ability to go well beyond the typical client experience, and recognizes the procurement platform developed by Jeeva Technologies for one of its largest BPO clients as a tangible value proposition unique to this industry.

BPO services are custom tailored to each client’s business model, there and customer needs, and are typically provided via multiple delivery centers throughout the world.

Investigating Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has been providing businesses with a way to cut costs for years, but current IT trends are shaking up the sector, putting CIOs at the forefront of planning. Technologies such as cloud computing, business analytics software, social media platforms and process automation software are being used within BPO to enable them to lower costs and be more effective.

Because outsourcing relationships are like marriages both partners have to get something from it. Through additional technology based services customers will get more for their money, while supplier business models will change, with less reliance on providing human resources. This move by suppliers to what are known as non-linear growth models is a trend, particularly amongst offshore BPO suppliers who have relied heavily in the past on selling low cost labor.

T enabled BPO is a huge sector and dwarfs the IT outsourcing sector in turns of spending. But as businesses attempt to take advantage of new IT trends the, IT element of BPO relationships will grow at the expense of people. Technology trends such as cloud computing and big data are supported by technologies such as social media and smart devices to create new services to compliment BPO.

Recent research from Accenture revealed that high-performing BPO relationships, those that deliver business value, use technology as a source of innovation and advantage, rather than just providing the infrastructure of delivery. It found that 40% of high performers consider technology provided by the service provider to be an important component of the BPO relationship, compared to only 27% of typical performers. A total of 56% of high performers believe it is important to gain access to technology in a BPO relationship, while 34% of typical performers agree.

Jeeva Technologies Advantage

When you work with Jeeva Technologies, you get the best in terms of expertise, resources, technology, and processes. We offer:

  • Platform-based services and proprietary applications that reduce the Total Cost of Ownership
  • A resource pool of several thousand professionals with deep domain knowledge and expertise
  • Cost-effective business solutions via a hub-and-spoke connectivity model that enables a wide geographic reach
  • An agile transition model
  • Enhanced business intelligence systems


An inbound call center is one that exclusively or predominately handles inbound calls (calls initiated by the customer) rather than outbound calls. A call center may handle either only inbound or outbound calls or might deal with a combination of the two.

Customer Service

Customer Service is defined as the name depicts, servicing the customers to satisfy their needs. This is the facility of servicing customers before and after a purchase of the product or service to ensure the customers satisfaction. Customer service has great significance in any business as they build a good customer relationship through interaction and bringing back the customers to the business (repeated customers). Thus, the agents in the inbound call centers are trained well to service the customers to deal with their complaints and mal functions of the product and to take immediate actions to solve their problems. Good Customer Service will bring good customers and ultimately profits the business.


Help Desk

Help Desk is a service provided by the agents who assists, guides, trouble shoots and offers solutions to computer problems and IT related products. Help desks have quite a lot of responsibilities and functions. They supply the users with vital information on computer issues and queries. The help desk in call centers not only provide the technical answers but also evaluate the problem. Help desk is indeed a very important part of each company as it is essential to help and support the clients and customers in all possible ways. Keeping customers happy is one of the most important objectives of the company. Having an excellent help desk service can resolve any inquiries are the first step to keep them loyal to the company.

Technical Trouble shooting

Technical trouble shooting is the repair or advice service provided to the customers over phone for their IT related issues. The role of tech support has expanded to include telesales - pre and post-sales technical support, product support, technical applications and support, network tech support, onsite tech support, remote support, remote IT infrastructure management services. The goal of tech support call centers is to provide product information and technical assistance that are accessible 24 hours a day. Thus, the technical support is significant in delivering greater value to the business.

Order Taking

Order taking service will help the customers to place their orders directly via telephone to the Order Taking agents. The agents will process the order and answer the customers to their doubts that may have about the products. Order taking service has become a major part of the inbound call centre services as they have too many advantages and the most important is increasing the sales of the product. The offshore order taking service includes taking the order and shipping information. This makes the process much easier and thereby increases the sales and profits the business.


Call centre is one of the Outsourcing services which act as a hub to receive the calls from the customers (Inbound) and to call the customers for various promotional motives of the business (Outbound). Inbound call centre facilitates inbound calls that are made by the customers to acquire information, report a malfunction, or ask for help which are commonly called as Customer service or Customer Support. Similarly, outbound Call centre is where the agents call the customers to service them with updated facilities and information and with the purpose of selling their client's products.



Telemarketing refers to the business of marketing goods or services via telephone. It is the act of selling, promoting a product or process to the prospective customers over phone. Telemarketing includes the use of persons trained in conversational skills to enhance sales, promote new products and update the customers with current available services. And in some cases, recorded sales pitches are used over the phone by automatic dialers which are known as automated telemarketing. Thus, the outbound telemarketing services can increase the profits of the business by using the best of personnel, process and development technologies.


Debt Collection

This is one of the outbound outsourcing processes performed to follow and ensure the payments on debts owed by individuals or businesses. This collection processes are commonly found in the mortgage, insurance and financial markets. Thus, it saves the money and time of the companies in debt collection when it is outsourced. The agents should convince the debtors to pay their debts in a right manner and not through unfair practices.